Learning AirView - EMEA

AirView is a seamless securely-hosted cloud-based system for managing patients with sleep-disordered breathing. With AirView, you can monitor and change your patients’ device settings remotely without having to leave your desk. And it makes it easier to simplify workflows and collaborate more efficiently across the patient’s care network. Wireless connectivity is built into our Lumis™, AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 therapy devices, as well as the ApneaLink™ Air home sleep screening device. AirView can also be used with S9 devices via wireless or SD cards.

Audience: Clinicians and Physicians

HCP - Therapy

HCP - Administrator

Physician - Therapy

Physician - Diagnostics

Physician - Administrator

This content is intended for home care professionals, clinicians and prescribing physicians. If you are a patient, please reach out to your provider or primary care physician for any questions.

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