U-Sleep monitors your patients' compliance and therapy data – automatically identifying which patients may be struggling – so you can proactively address issues as they happen and provide better care.

Audience: HMEs, RTs, Sales

Basic Functions

U-Sleep Patient Boarding
U-Sleep Patient Boarding

Learn how to add a new patient to U-Sleep.

U-Sleep-Introduction to Action View
U-Sleep-Introduction to Action View

Learn how Action View can help you streamline your workflow.

U-Sleep-Filtering the Action View Dashboard
Filtering the Action View Dashboard

Learn how to use Action View Filters to identify patients under specific rules, physicians or payors.

Administrative Functions

U-Sleep-Adding Staff Users
Adding Staff Users

Learn how to add new staff users and add them to multiple locations within your organization.

U-Sleep-Patient Profile Details
Patient Profile Details

Learn how to use the extra functions within the Patient Profile Tasks Menu and how to switch to, and understand, Calendar View.

Patient Management

U-Sleep-Adding or Removing Rules
Adding or Removing Rules

If you forgot to add rules to a patient when you created them or would like to edit the rules template for the patient, watch this video.

U-Sleep-Changing How a Patient is Notified
Changing How a Patient is Notified

If a patient wants you to change the way that U-Sleep notifies them, watch this video.

Deleting a Device
Deleting a Device

If you want to delete a device so you can assign it to another patient, watch this video.

U-Sleep-Deleting a Patient
Deleting a Patient

If a patient asks you to remove all of their information from U-Sleep, watch this video.

Deleting a Modem
Deleting a Modem

If you want to delete a modem so you can assign it to another patient, watch this video.

U-Sleep-Deactivating a Patient
Deactivating a Patient

Learn the recommended way to remove a patient’s access to their account.

This content is intended for home care professionals, clinicians and prescribing physicians. If you are a patient, please reach out to your provider or primary care physician for any questions.